The Fetal Medicine Clinic

The Fetal Medicine Clinic based at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is a referral service that provides a range of expertise in the care and management of high risk pregnancy and fetal anomaly. The service is provided at two sites –the Royal Gwent Hospital and Nevill Hall Hospital.

Detailed ultrasound scans by Specialist Fetal Medicine doctors to examine the baby in the womb

  • When a Fetal abnormality is suspected/detected at ultrasound scan at any gestation
  • Where there is a previous history of fetal anomaly, chromosome or genetic conditions
  • Where a pregnancy is affected by or at risk from maternal Rhesus disease or high/rising antibody titres
  • Where there are complications of multiple pregnancy
  • MCDA twins and higher order multiple pregnancy i.e. triplets
  • Pregnancy complicated by fetal infection
  • Pregnancy complicated by genetic abnormality with possible recurrence.
  • Anhydramnios or Oligohydramnios (< 24 weeks gestation)
  • SGA fetus at second trimester anomaly ultrasound scan or abnormal Doppler’s at < 32 weeks of pregnancy

Liaison with all relevant Paediatric specialties (e.g. neonatologists, neurologists, nephrologists and specialist nurses).

Referral to tertiary Fetal Medicine Units may be necessary for some ladies to seek a second opinion and review.

  • Tertiary units include St Michaels Hospital in Bristol and University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

A Point of contact by midwives to provide ongoing advice and support.

Specialist Doctors perform detailed ultrasound scans. Your partner, a relative or close friend may accompany you. We recommend that you arrange for your children to be cared for at home as it is easier to discuss any issues arising from your scan if children are not present. On arrival please check in at the reception in the Royal Gwent and Nevill Hall Hospital Antenatal Clinic.

It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment. Urgent and high-risk patients who attend the Unit may require longer than their allocated appointment time. This can delay the clinic and we would appreciate your patience. When you arrive we will try to keep closely to your appointment time and will inform you if there is a delay.

When your ultrasound scan is finished the doctor(s) /or the midwife will sit down with you and explain what has been seen. If any differences/problems are found this will be fully explained and you will have time to ask questions and discuss this with the doctor(s) and/or the midwife. You will be given a detailed report with all the information about your visit and all of the baby's measurements. Your GP will also receive this report.

In some cases a diagnostic test (e.g. amniocentesis) may be offered to give you and the doctor additional information about your baby. These will be discussed in detail with you and written information given. Tests are optional and we understand that you may need time to come to a decision. Following the test you will be told when the test results will be ready, and how you will be informed of the results

When your appointment is over you will be given a contact telephone number for the Fetal Medicine midwives who are available to give further information and support following your visit. If you need a follow-up appointment, this will be booked before you leave the unit.

Fetal Medicine Consultants:

Mrs Manjambigai

Miss Rich

Specialist Midwives:

Samantha Wood

Angela Heninghen

Dawn Cavelle

Contact number:

Royal Gwent Hospital ANC 01633 234747

·         Samantha Wood 01633 238952

Nevill Hall ANC 01873 732390/1

Further information about our Fetal Medicine Unit can be found at our website here.

Useful Websites:

Links to additional information and support for parents before, during and after antenatal screening can be found here

Fetal conditions – information resources

Improving the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of expectant mothers, infants, children and young people throughout Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Area.

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